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Creating value with transparancy
Manage risk and result
Insightfull risk analysis
Control risk and result
Risk Intelligence, innovative platforms
International Governance, Risk and compliance advisory
Risk Intelligence

Manage Risk and Result

Risklane provides solutions for risk management, compliance and control. Solutions are provided as advisory, innovative platforms or SaaS solutions for managing the risk and control workflow.




Our Solutions

Risk advisory


SOC-reports are globally recognized as the most comprehensive solutions for achieving effective risk management and reporting accordingly to your clients. We’ve helped more than 200 organizations in Europe to achieve an enhanced level of proficiency. 

Security advisory


ISO 27001 is the international standard for achieving an enhanced cyber security posture. Our comprehensive certification advice supports organizations to acquire new clients, improve internal processes and achieve a new level of proficiency.

Software Solutions

ControlReports is a Cloud Risk Reporting Solution that supports the development of risk control frameworks for enterprises. ControlReports is an agile, comprehensive and efficient software solution that suits al risk management needs.

OECD Research

Risk management and Corporate Governance

The worldwide and widespread failure of risk management during the credit crunch was a consequence of the absence of risk management on an enterprise basis and risk management not adjusted to the corporate strategy and operational processes according to OECD.

risk governance standards tend to be very high-level, limiting their practical usefulness, and/or focus largely on financial institutions. the comprehensive approach to implementing risk governance standards is practical, effective and providing significant added value to our customers. we achieve this by either supporting the implementation with our software solution ControlReports or consultancy services delivered by a team of experienced in-house consultants.

World Leadership


Corporate Governance, adequate risk management and international compliance to standards for good practices is top priority for world leadership

Analyzing effectiveness

Risk intelligence

Efficient risk management

Performance excellence

A clear, risk-focused strategy sets the stage for more result. For our risk-minded consultants, effective risk management is the starting point. The way we approach the implementation of a risk management framework is focusing on what’s effective and find ways to perform these more efficient.


We advise organization to find and remove redundant controls. We benchmark existing controls with our industry best practices and improve effectiveness of these controls. Are risks mitigated by effective working controls? How can automation be helpful in this process. Combining focus on effectiveness and removing redundant controls leads to excellent risk frameworks at low costs